Whips And Weights


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What have you done to deserve success? What have you done to create your dream existence? Do you require motivation and incentive to live your life as the best version of yourself?

I am an artist, an architect, a creative director. I design better slaves. I will make you a better man. you will want to improve through Me and for Me, and for yourself.

As a certified personal trainer, I am skilled in physical transformation. As a qualified social worker, I am educated and experienced in change psychology.

I create individualized behaviour modification plans based on your personal life revision goals. I use creatively kinky ways to both punish and reward you based on how well you follow My directions. you will know when I am pleased with your progress. you will definitely know when I am not.

Tribute varies depending on length and intensity of modification contract required.

Current CPR and First Aid.

Please select areas you are looking to modify and improve: