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I’ve always been hesitant to post “testimonials” on My site. It just feels a bit too self-righteous for My taste. However, I continue to receive requests for reviews, along with concerns that I am not an authentic Professional Dominatrix. I’ve listened while My submissives relive their bad experiences. I’ve heard the horror stories. I’ve seen the aftermath. I get it.

Instead of writing with the motive of self-promotion (or more accurately copying and pasting)  , I have decided to dedicate this blog to the people that bring satisfaction and purpose to My life; the submissives and fetishists that take the time to communicate well and respectfully send follow up emails. All of the content below is real, genuine feedback from individuals who have sessioned with Me in person, none of which was requested by Me and all which is being used with their permission. To the men, women and couples that allow Me to continue living My passion and truth!

“Our session was absolutely wonderful.  Thank You for your energy, thought, focus, and concentration on the time we spent together.  Not only did You craft a session that felt dynamic, but You crafted something that continued to push and grow over the 2hrs we spent in play.  You pushed me in a way where i continued to feel supported but challenged.  Together, You took me to new places i’ve never been before and it was indeed very special…..Also, i want to thank you for our coffee and discussion afterward.  Certainly a new experience to say the least.  This time together post session revealed to me Your passion for what You do, but also Your passion for kink in general.  Unlike others, You warmly welcomed me into spending some additional time with You to grow the relationship of trust and respect.  my perspective is that You did so without looking at the clock or making me feel like i was just another slot on the calendar.  i’m very grateful for that and finding someone who feels that way.”

“Where to start? OK…at the beginning. i loved the way You pulled me into Your Studio and very much took control of me, in a welcoming but strict way. You looked absolutely stunning. Your make-up was sublime, especially the delicious red lipstick, and i loved Your black leather corset & skirt and those amazing boots…Thank You for being patient with me…My time on the Cross was exquisite and You gave me just enough pain….Your easy manner and Your sense of humor were a revelation which added a new dimension to the Domme/sub encounters that I have experienced. Soooo much better. When i left Your Studio i glanced at my watch and was amazed to see the time. i am so very grateful to You for allowing me to be there for so long. Being with You was the most satisfying and erotic D/s encounter that i have ever experienced.”

“Your effort, time, knowledge, and thought that went into today’s session have all contributed to what will be a memory I carry with me with fondness.  As you opened up to me (and me to you), it felt like there was a weight lifted off my shoulders (potentially because the weight was needed to be hung elsewhere)….I’m profoundly grateful that you were welcoming and supportive of who I am and what drives me during our session today…I felt I was with someone who understands the dynamic, but more importantly understands the delicate balance of a truly spectacular session…..Our session today was an excellent first session.  I truly appreciate the effort you dedicated to our time.  To be honest, I enjoyed everything we did today and I felt entirely comfortable as you pushed some limits along in a supportive and nurturing way.  It’s also refreshing to find someone in the space that has such a strong read on the “firm and dominant but caring and comfortable” method.  I appreciate you respecting my perspective on this as well (less humiliation, more firm fun)….Closing the session with everything leather + CBT took me deep into subspace and left me refreshed and empowered to continue with the day.  I’ve never been quite so deeply seated in that mental space before.  It demonstrates a level of trust that you nurtured within the 2 short hours we were together.”

“I just wanted to write to say thank You again for such a divine session, and i look forward to more opportunities to serve You!  You control this cock and this ass and have now captivated this mind. I’m happy you kept me locked, and left some fantastic art on me!  I’m also extremely grateful for the extra time at Your feet to cater to You and see You enjoy that, I completely lost track of any sense of time today from start to end.  It may sound like i’m exaggerating but i’m not.  It was an unforgettable time.”

“Lady Azelle, i had a great time last night. Even though i’ve seen a few dommes in the past, You’re the first Domme who pushed my limits and i really enjoyed it. I felt like we had a good connection too. Being completely helpless and under Your control felt great, although my nipples are a little sore today. Thank you so much. I’d love to come back to and session with You again in the future.”

“The experience was completely mind-blowing. Later that night i had a hands-free sissygasm just thinking about You and being Your dirty little whore. i can’t wait to see You again.”

“You should know that i love my role as Your guinea pig and the opportunities i have been granted to please You. Some things get foggy….and even a little glowy that i wonder if they happened…..that is what happens when i go into my little places…..even during Your foot massage…..i travel to my little places….my legs get so weak and i feel trembles throughout my body and i feel so energized by submitting…’s astonishing each and every time to find that awakening and achieve the freedom from and for myself….i know You say my pleasure is irrelevant, but the little compliments in my ear and the little touches to my skin elevate my pain and soreness to bliss. You are free to do as You please and that is my ecstasy to take home and everywhere I go thereafter.”

“You are so beautiful, as well as so accomplished in Your understanding of submissives. You are this submissive’s dream come true :)”

“Thank you for the memorable session last Friday. For a first appointment it exceeded expectations. From the moment You opened the door it was an amazing experience. Your preparation was highly appreciated as things where able to unfold naturally without having to discuss details about what was wanted as is often done in other sessions I have had. I love just being able to start immediately as I show up for my appointment….Also you showed great intuition in getting quickly to levels of tolerance without overly worrying about whether I was okay and if things were too much. Everything seemed well planned out in your mind and your eye contact forced me to submit to your will and treatments was spellbinding. As the session progressed, it was wonderful how the intensity of things increased especially as You decided to clearly enjoy Yourself at my expense….Certainly looking forward to increasing the intensity of things even further and discovering how evil you would truly like to be to me in future sessions. There seemed to be a very good chemistry as to how things went which should permit even more comfort in taking things much further despite my whining, squirming and screams. i am very interested to find out what might be in store for me in future appointments.”

“It’s hard to believe that over a week has passed since i was honoured to be in Your presence. Although the warmth has left my bottom it hasn’t left my thoughts. i am looking forward to seeing You again in the nearer future. When i spend time with You, i feel so alive.”

“Home and thinking about the time we spent together. You are amazing. i cannot express my thanks to You….. i thank you so much for sharing Yourself with me today. i can’t begin to tell you how these moments make this lowly submissive feel just a bit more normal. The time i spend in Your presence just makes me realize what an amazing Woman You are. Life is always a struggle. Work, relationships, self esteem, the desire to do better for all around us. You make that struggle easier for me to deal with.”

“Walking though Your door allows me to become my own fantasy….The knowledge that i am welcomed and will leave having had yet another shared experience with You is something for which i am so grateful. i have come so far from that first day when i walked into Your basement, holding my breath steady, while energized that i finally took the steps that i had forever been to reluctant to take….i can’t even imagine being the property of anyone else. You have experimented on me, tolerated me….been amused by me…..educated me and given me glorious rewards and privileges. Just imagine if i hadn’t actually ever come to You…….imagine how deprived i would have been……that is far scarier to me than you can possibly imagine. Gives me shivers to even think that.”

“i wanted to tell You how thankful i am to have met You in this past year. You are a bright light in a dull world. You have great energy and positive mental outlook which is powerful enough to make me feel it.”

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