Passion for Professional Domination! I love what I do. I do what I love.

If Dominance is the act of setting someone free, and submission is an act of willfully devoting oneself to another, then who is the captor and who is the captive? A leash after all has two ends, both of which must be held. Ultimately, Dominant and submissive are bound to one another not by chains but by their own need and the mutual fulfillment of those needs. We do for one another what no one else can or will. We are here by choice and by choice we stay. – author unknown –

We’re living in a society that is becoming increasingly health conscious – mental, physical and emotional health. We’re taking better care of ourselves. There are Paleo cafes and vegan restaurants; smoothie bars and hot yoga studios in every neighborhood. We’re meditating, taking supplements and using natural products to clean our homes. There is an increased awareness around mental illness. We are being educated about stress reduction and balanced living. I am bombarded daily with inspirational Facebook posts about the freedom that comes from living your truth. It sounds like overall we are doing a pretty great job of implementing an equilibrium into our lives.

You may have noticed that there is one aspect of our human experience that I haven’t mentioned yet; that is our sexuality. We’ve worked towards creating a community that accepts same sex marriage. No one bats an eyelash at a blended family or common law arrangement (how far we’ve come in one generation!). It’s difficult to remember the stigma that society once had about something as common as divorce or premarital sex. One may argue that our sexuality includes body, mind and soul. So what about submissive and Dominant desires and needs? How are they being included in our approach to holistic wellness?

One of My regular boys recently told Me something so profound. It resonated with Me for weeks. He said that the only time he can be his true self is during his sessions with me. The rest of his life is the roleplay, the time he spends with me is the only time he can live his truth. My first response was sadness. Everyone deserves to feel like they are living as their true selves for more than 90 minutes a month. After processing the sadness, I was filled with joy. How absolutely amazing that I am creating a safe, discreet, healthy space in people’s lives where they can explore and nurture their innate desires and ultimately live their truth even if only for a few hours at a time. It’s an intense reminder of why I do what I do. I am providing an opportunity for submissives, slaves and fetishists to achieve holistic wellness, and in doing so I too am living my truth, and having many of My needs and desires satiated. It is this exchange that forms the unique and irreplaceable relationship that can develop between Dominant and submissive. “A leash after all has two ends, both of which must be held.” I was designed to be an open minded, genuine, adventurous Dominant and humanitarian. I take pride in My craft and feel fulfilled in offering the luxury service of authentic Professional Domination.

I encourage you today to do something that makes you a better balanced person. We don’t feel guilty for going to the gym, eating healthy, taking 30 minutes to meditate before bed or meet a friend for coffee. So don’t ever feel guilty for those kinky desires or for doing what it is you need to do to nurture all aspects of yourself.


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