Ladies of the Ludus

Miss Ava Rose

Miss Ava Rose is a fiercely elegant temptress with a gaze that will inspire you to kneel before Her and bend to Her will. She can captivate you by tickling your fantasies sensually or by forcefully pushing your limits. This classic beauty is deceivingly sweet with Her welcoming demeanor and playful laugh, but can turn into a cruel sadist very quickly. Miss Ava has a propensity for pain and loves to watch you squirm for Her pleasure. With the eyes of an angel and the sting of a black widow, She will poison your mind with thoughts of only Her. you will be begging for more.

Lady Delphine

Lady Delphine is a mysteriously complex fire haired beauty that balances power with sensuality. Having recently completed Her honours degree in sexuality studies, She is educated, cultured and exudes graceful confidence. Her poised demeanor will remind you of the librarian that you fantasized about yet were secretly intimidated by. But don’t under estimate her innocent, sweet appearance and petite 5′ stature; as soon as you make eye contact you will feel her fervent gaze piercing your soul. So Goddess help you if you fall prey to her façade. Lady Delphine loves to explore and demystify kink. No two sessions will be the same.

Want to role-play? Have you always wanted to be spanked by the prim yet secretly naughty 50’s housewife? Maybe your books are overdue? The limits are endless.

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Goddess Violetta

Goddess Violetta embodies an irresistible combination of feminine grace and Divine wrath. Through years of study of Tantra, She is quick to strip away your layers and uncover your vulnerabilities. Nothing remains hidden from this intuitive and penetrating Goddess. She will tease, torment and challenge you until every fibre of your being is praying for mercy and trembling in ecstasy. Each session with Her will take you on a deep, cathartic journey to the darkest corners of your psyche. 

Her greatest delight is seeing you surrender your soul and bear your insides for Her. If you serve Her obediently, you may be rewarded with the opportunity to grovel at Her feet. However, should you fail your challenges, you will be sure to discover the meaning of Hell…

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Lady Valeska

Lady Valeska is the epitome of Alpha Female. Dominance is an integral party of Her every fiber. She is refined, educated, independent, and ambitious. Her 6′ statuesque presence will inspire you to be taken to your edge. Whether it is tickle torture, ashtray play, high protocol, humiliation, sissification or latex worship; She has a passion for it all! She derives pure exhilaration from your suffering. your mind, body and ego will be for Her amusement. you will be on your knees begging for more. Dare to jump down the rabbit hole?

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