La Notte Nera

Are you a submissive who dreams of an elegant night out on the town with a group of gorgeous refined Dominant Women?

The Ladies of the Ludus have planned a delightful evening on March 10th, 2018. We will be enjoying a full course dinner then attending the symphony. We are looking for five chivalrous submissives to accompany Us on this excursion. What an amazing opportunity, wouldn’t you agree?

The evening will begin at Studio Ludus where the submissives will be prepared and given their D/s expectations for the evening. Some discrete public protocol will be expected for this event. We will then proceed to an upscale dining venue and attend Doctor Atomic at the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. Dress to impress.

Tickets for this priceless opportunity, which includes dinner and symphony tickets, are $900, an amazing value considering being in the presence of one ProDomme for 5 hrs would require a tribute of $1500. Additional tribute may be required should the group agree on arranging a limo service, which personally I think would add just the right touch of class.


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