“i used to have a long list of hard limits, but since becoming Your slave i find that list is shrinking rapidly. When i’m in Your presence i simply cannot say no to You and must obey Your every command. my brain has now been rewired to become aroused, and hence obedient to You, when You order me to do things i previously didn’t like doing.”

“A simple thank You isn’t enough to express how much i appreciate Your time and efforts in O/our session today. You are the first REAL Professional Dominatrix i’ve met; You know how to dominate a man and bring him to his knees; You are naturally Dominant and able to control completely.

Before today, i used to swing from one Dominatrix to another as i have met a lot of fake ones; but now, I will be serving only You.”

 “Once again i must thank and compliment You on another beautiful experience at Your hands. You find ways to expand my sensations in ways i never thought possible. Your approach is sensitive and thoughtful. All i was left with was a state of euphoria, a blissfully sore bottom, and the knowledge that i am truly fortunate to find The Domme of my Dreams.”

Isn't it Time to Find out for yourself?