What Can I Expect at Toronto’s Hottest Fetish Party? Play Party F.A.Q.

Have you been thinking about exploring your fantasies publicly? Are you interested in meeting like-minded people? Do you wish to express your kinks in a safe, non-judgmental environment?

What can I expect at Toronto’s hottest fetish party? I’ve decided to answer some of your most frequently asked questions about My play parties.

What can I expect?

My parties tend to be intimate and create a comfortable space for play and relaxation. I want you to have an enjoyable evening out whether this is your first public experience or you have been playing for years. I ensure that there is good food, good wine and quality people in attendance. My only requirement is that My guests behave respectfully at all times and enjoy themselves. My parties are not exclusively FemDom. Dominant men and their (male or female) submissives are welcome. A fetish play party is not the same as a swingers club. you will see nudity. you will see BDSM play. you will see some pink bottoms. you will not see blow jobs or other explicit sexual exchanges.

What should I wear?

I want you to wear whatever makes you feel amazing about yourself. I enjoy My submissives to be naked with the exception of a collar and chastity device. There is something about CFNM that subtly reminds us both of our place. Does that mean you need to be naked at My party if you aren’t comfortable with it? Of course not. A room full of people in fetish clothing is extremely hot. Nice jeans, dress pants, boxers with or (preferably) without a shirt is great too. There is a washroom where you can change comfortably as well as space to store your belongings.

Where are your parties hosted?

My studio is an open concept, modern, upscale, fully-equipped play space in West Toronto (York) that comfortably holds 40 guests. It is easily accessible by TTC, hwy 401 and 400 and is a 15 minute drive from the airport. There is free parking on nearby side streets. It has an open space play area with seating in addition to a full kitchen, bathroom with large shower, and medical area with sliding doors. I send out the exact address and information for accessing the unit once a party ticket is purchased. For more information and photos of Studio Ludus click HERE.

Do I have to play?

Absolutely not, but it sure is fun! Sometimes it’s just as much fun (and educational) to watch other people play. “Play” looks like different things to different people. Some guests might enjoy being flogged on the St. Andrews Cross or paddled over a knee, some might want to spend time ignored in the corner or in My cage. Some subs might want to be under My feet while I enjoy a glass of wine and chat with friends, some might want to stand at attention with their hands clasped behind their back waiting to be called on to serve My guests. No fetish or kink will be judged and any play that is safe, sane and consensual is permitted. you may not be comfortable at first, especially if you are new to the BDSM scene but when you are, don’t be afraid to join in!

Will there be an opportunity to play if I attend solo?

If you want guaranteed play it is always best to attend with a play partner. I enjoy playing with the submissives in attendance at My leisure as do My Dominant guests. It is appropriate to respectfully request play from Myself or other Dominants at My parties as long as you are prepared to graciously accept the response. Only approach a Dominant when they are not playing as it is never appropriate to interrupt a scene. Playing with Me at a party is not a session. Please don’t send Me a list of your interests and limits with your ticket purchase. I would be more than happy to review them should you decide to book a session post-party.

What is expected of me if I attend as a submissive?

I do expect that My guests will be adequately served and pleased (read FOOT RUBS!) by the submissives in attendance. I also expect that I will not be required to make any of the preparations or clean up Myself. If you are interested in serving in any capacity, ask Me what needs to be done. I may be available to answer you and if not I will direct you to one of My owned slaves.

What if I see someone I know?

This is the most common concern I hear about public play. Although it is possible, I think the chances are highly unlikely. I always say that if you see someone you know at a fetish event, they are there too, which means you won’t be judging each other too harshly. you are more than welcome to wear a mask or hood but you will most likely discover rather quickly that it is unnecessary. It is expected that all guests maintain the confidentiality of others at My events. What happens in Studio Ludus, stays in Studio Ludus.

What does my entrance fee include?

I enjoy providing a selection of great quality finger foods (I could live on cheese and olives), wine, coffee, tea, soda and mixers. If you are interested in having a specific drink or food, you are invited to bring your own. I have an extensive collection of toys, tools and furniture that can be used by guests. Disinfecting wipes, safe sex supplies, toiletries, hotel quality towels, access to all studio amenities are available. Overnight accommodations can be made for an additional fee. Most importantly, you will have the opportunity to be at My feet and in the presence of the other Dominants in attendance.

How often do you host parties?

Moving forward I will be scheduling open play parties three times per year in addition to the other fetish events I will be hosting, being mindful of other events that are happening in Toronto. I do enjoy a good theme and am always open to suggestions. If you would like to be added to My party invite list and be the first to know about upcoming events, you can email Me HERE with subject heading “party invite list”.

What do I need to do to attend?

Purchase a ticket and arrive ready to have an amazing time!

Have a question I haven’t answered here? Let Me know and I’ll add it on!

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