Do you Have What it Takes to Serve Toronto’s Best ProDomme?

Anyone who knows Me, knows that anything I do, I do well. I am passionate about offering the highest standard luxury experience of professional domination. I pay close attention to having quality equipment, implements, clothing, studio maintenance, training, website, photos and self-care. In this industry, like in every other, you get what you pay for!

In order to compensate for the increase of living and in staying with the industry standard as (one of) Toronto’s best ProDomme, I have increased My tribute as of January 1st.  Discount with proof of being a student or on a fixed income (ie CPP, disability) still available. Ask Me about My monthly arrangements.

Ready to prove you have what it takes? BOOK NOW!

I understand that many of you are young and inexperienced and simply don’t have the funds to serve Me in the manner you desire. I am open to hearing about the skills and talents you possess that may benefit Me. Please do not waste My time with half ass or underdeveloped abilities. Do not tell Me you are competent with something if you are not. I am always interviewing for domestic cleaning slaves, prop cocks, subs (male and female) to appear in and assist with photo shoots. I am also seeking a qualified tech slave who is proficient with WordPress and SEO. My time and attention is not guaranteed in exchange for service. Any interaction and play will be at My discretion. Think you could be an asset to My stable? CONTACT ME!



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