It’s that time of year again. Romance is in the air! How are you keeping the love alive? You can make every day Valentine’s Day with a visit to Studio Ludus. It’s truly a warm, inviting, sexy, luxurious space to play and stay : Perfect for a romantic get away, an afternoon delight, a provocative photo or video shoot, a small group event and more. BDSM toys and equipment can be costly. Finding a clean and affordable space can be difficult. That’s why I take great pride in being able to offer a Toronto dungeon rental that meets all your needs with cleanliness and class being my top priorities!

I describe my studio in detail HERE. More importantly, I want to share with you what people are saying about their experience!

“Thank you so much for letting us use your stunningly beautiful place. We appreciate the time you took to give us a tour the week before our booking. The air mattress was so much more comfortable than expected (of course my husband slept locked in the cage). Your attention to detail with the extra towels, candles, wine and gourmet treats was greatly appreciated. I am hoping we can make this our new anniversary tradition.”

“BDSM is my fun, not my lifestyle. So where I play is just as important as who I play with. Studio Ludus is perfect. Upscale, bright, clean and really well equipped with a wide variety of high quality gear and equipment. If I were building my own play space, it would be Studio Ludus”.

“Thank you Lady Azelle for making it so easy to book the studio. The space is elegant and gorgeous and my wife was so impressed. We appreciate you guiding us in our D/s journey. Both my wife and I feel more empowered with our recent exchanges after having you join our evening. Your professionalism, humour and knowledge is incomparable. You have added so much to our relationship. We hope to make a weekend stay a regular event.”

“My partner and I rented the Studio for the weekend. The place is well kept and all equipment is clean. Booking the studio was easy and hassle free through email. Lady Azelle provided a blow up bed which, along with the kitchen, helped make our weekend comfortable within a new environment. We highly recommend the studio and will be returning. The environment was perfect for a couple with no space at home to play”.

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In My first career as a social worker, there were very clear parameters regarding client confidentiality. With professional domination, not so much. ProDommes are left to their own devices to decide how we conduct ourselves professionally and in our interactions with clients. There is no governing body to ensure client safety protocols are being followed. I always guarantee discretion. You may wonder though, what does that really mean? I have decided to address some of the most common concerns I hear around whether or not your secret is safe with Me.

I see photos on your social media of your submissives in session. Will you take photos of me?

Any photo I take is taken with consent. Any photo I post is posted with permission. I will never take or post photos without asking first. If you want photos taken of our session to remind you of the fun we had, please feel free to make this request.

Will you be recording our session? Are there video cameras in your studio?

There are no video cameras in My studio. I have alternate security protocols in place to ensure both of our safety. I do not record any part of a session without consent. I am always happy to record custom clips for additional tribute.

Do your neighbours know what you do?

I am very fortunate to have My studio in a building that was erected in the 1930s which is much more sound proof than newer structures. The building is a mix of residential and commercial units which means it is not uncommon for people to be coming and going. The building and unit itself is very discreet. I am very private about what I use the studio for. I have run into a neighbour a handful of times over the past several years I have been there. If I think a session will be extraordinarily loud (because let’s face it, some of you subs are screamers), I will post a “recording in session” sign on the outside of My door just in case.

I want You to let the world know what a filthy slut I am. What is your approach to blackmail?

Blackmail, like any other BDSM service I offer, must be consensual. I know some of you love being manipulated by a powerful Woman and I’m happy to do so. you want Me to show everyone on Craigslist how well you suck a cock or how pathetic you look dressed up like My little sissy slut. Before posting these pics publicly, I will require you to sign a waiver stating that this activity is consensual and I will not be held accountable for any damages that occur to you personally or professionally as a result. After all, blackmail is illegal and I would much rather role play a lawyer than have to hire one.

What will happen if we see each other in public?

I ran into a client at the gym last week. It happens. In situations like this, I use the same protocol that is expected in social work. I never acknowledge a client first and if they acknowledge Me I will respond respectfully. If you see Me in public while I’m with others and say hello, I will not disclose to them how I know you. This holds true at fetish events as well. I would not tell My companions that we had sessioned. If you see Me in public (unless we are at a fetish event), there is really no reason to address Me. It’s nothing personal. It’s important to keep personal and professional boundaries clear.

How will you respond if my girlfriend or wife contacts you?

I have had girlfriends contact Me asking if their boyfriend has sessioned with or contacted Me. My response is “I am not able to comment due to client confidentiality”. I have had wives contact Me and tell Me that I will no longer be seeing their husband and that I destroy marriages (I get it. I really do. Working with couples is a blog currently in progress). I do not respond to those emails. I have wives who know I am sessioning with or who send Me their husbands and want session input or feedback. In situations like that I speak openly with partners as long as My client is aware that we are interacting. My thoughts are that they are both hiring Me to provide a service to them as a couple even if one partner is not physically present during the session. If a wife contacts Me without their partner knowing, even though they made the decision together to hire Me, I would encourage her to be open and forthcoming with her husband about needing to interact with Me so that I can support them as a couple without betraying the confidence of My client. (There’s a lot more to the ethics of being a ProDomme than you realized, right?)

Do I need to give you my real name?

you do not. I will call you anything you wish during our exchanges. I require photo ID for anyone renting My studio. I may ask you for photo ID if I suspect you are under 18 (all in due time young eager slaves!)

What happens if I pop up as a suggested friend on your social media?

This is a really important one I want to share with you. If you contact a ProDomme using the same email address and/or phone number associated with your Facebook account, you will show up as a suggested friend on their personal Facebook profile. This has happened to me many times. This means that I can access your Facebook profile, see pics of your wife and children, know where you live, vacation, went to school, etc. Scary right? Of course, I would never use this information to harm or threaten a client but there are “professionals” out there that will use any information they can find to manipulate you. I realized that this probably meant I was also then coming up as a suggested friend on clients’ Facebook once they have my phone number in their smart phone. I encourage all of you reading this right now to go change your privacy settings as I have done. If My personal Facebook is still showing up as a suggested friend, I would really appreciate you letting Me know.

I gave your name as a reference when booking with another ProDomme. What will you tell her?

I am often contacted by other ProDommes and sex trade workers asking for a reference for clients I have seen. The general information I disclose is a confirmation that I sessioned with you, when, how many times, followed by “no issues or concerns to note”. Unless of course there were concerns such as disrespectful, rude, aggressive, time wasting or manipulative behaviour. Then I would communicate My experience as such and let them make their own decision about whether or not they wanted to work with you. If you wanted Me to work collaboratively with another sex trade worker, such as telling Her/Him what training goals we were working on, making arrangements to send you to Her/Him for punishment/reward, or influencing the session in any other way through correspondence with them, I will require tribute for My time and efforts. Fun idea though, don’t you think?

Have a concern I haven’t addressed here? I would love to hear it. CONTACT ME!

Anyone who knows Me, knows that anything I do, I do well. I am passionate about offering the highest standard luxury experience of professional domination. I pay close attention to having quality equipment, implements, clothing, studio maintenance, training, website, photos and self-care. In this industry, like in every other, you get what you pay for!

In order to compensate for the increase of living and in staying with the industry standard as (one of) Toronto’s best ProDomme, I have increased My tribute as of January 1st.  Discount with proof of being a student or on a fixed income (ie CPP, disability) still available. Ask Me about My monthly arrangements.

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I understand that many of you are young and inexperienced and simply don’t have the funds to serve Me in the manner you desire. I am open to hearing about the skills and talents you possess that may benefit Me. Please do not waste My time with half ass or underdeveloped abilities. Do not tell Me you are competent with something if you are not. I am always interviewing for domestic cleaning slaves, prop cocks, subs (male and female) to appear in and assist with photo shoots. I am also seeking a qualified tech slave who is proficient with WordPress and SEO. My time and attention is not guaranteed in exchange for service. Any interaction and play will be at My discretion. Think you could be an asset to My stable? CONTACT ME!



What is a Menage a Quatre Session?

This is an amazing opportunity for all the boys and girls out there who simply cannot get enough!

I am offering kinky menage et quatre sessions with the gorgeous and deviantly creative Mistress Violet Mays. Believe Me, it’s much more fun than a Double Domme session! Can you picture it already?  Both Dommes bring a submissive to a shared scene. you will get the full attention of your Mistress in addition to all of the amazing things that can transpire when there are two Dominants and two submissives playing together. you will only be required to tribute your Dominant for Her time. Double Domme sessions can get pricey so this is a great way to enjoy your kinks and expand your training in a unique way. A two hour booking is the required minimum. The longer we have the further we can explore! This doesn’t need to be a forced bi scene but definitely can be! The possibilities are truly unlimited. I’m getting excited just thinking about it!

Hear what My submissive had to say about his experience.

“This slave was so honoured by You, Lady Azelle, to be permitted to participate in a Menage a Quatre with Mistress Violet Mays and Her slave. i was definitely nervous prior to our session. i had only one previous ProDomme experience before meeting You and the outcome was less than uplifting. You made me feel comfortable with Your pre-session communication. You encouraged this slave to relax some of his hard limits to soft limits. I did so willingly with your reassurance.

i was struck, upon my arrival by Your soothing manner, and of course beauty. As we had not sessioned in quite a while, You took the time before Your guests arrived to re-establish our Dominant/submissive relationship. What followed was an experience that pushed, expanded and respected my limits, while allowing my submission to entertain You and Mistress Violet.

The hanging leather cage was exhilarating and challenging. The addition of the bondage hood heightened the experience especially when my sight was restricted. The punishment You and Mistress Violet handed out to this slave was positively euphoria inducing. When i was permitted, i was privileged to watch two amazing Women dominate another slave’s ass and mouth with a truly beautiful spit roast.

The forced bi experience this slave experienced with Mistress Violet’s slave was one area i have always had worries about, but when serving and pleasing my Lady, it was easy to enjoy, and enjoy I did!

The beatings You both administered to me afterwards was wondrous and i only wish i could have worshipped and massaged Your feet longer at the conclusion of the session.

The entire experience was amazing and has altered my thinking in many areas. It is remarkable what one can accomplish when you fully trust and adore your Dominant.”

Isn’t it time to push your limits with a Menage a Quatre session? BOOK NOW!

Canadian Mistress gets Kinky in the Crescent City!

If New Orleans isn’t already on your bucket list, now is the time to add it! The food, the art, the architecture, the history, the culture, the food…… Like any city worth visiting, an evening stroll will feature the fused pungent stench of McDonald’s fires and piss. But in New Orleans this is countervailed by the aroma of chargrilled oysters and incense floating endlessly in the air.

My time in New Orleans was perfectly balanced between being a tourist and participating in all the wonderfully organized events of DomCon 2016. I went on a swamp tour and walking ghost tour in the French quarter, garden district and cemeteries. There were po’ boys, oysters, jambalaya, gumbo, fried chicken, biscuits and grits, beignets and a walk along “Old Man River”. There was also the elegant red carpet social and opening ceremonies of Dom Con at the spectacular Astor Crowne Plaza Hotel, educational workshops, Mistress Dinner, Mistress Tea, ProDomme social, play parties (the equipment and demonstrations made the hotel ballroom the perfect place for kinky play), and perhaps the most fun of all, the hotel parties. If you haven’t attended a fetish conference before, it is an amazing way to learn about BDSM, meet extraordinary people in the industry and lifestyle and of course have tons of kinky fun!

I felt honoured to be on the VIP guest list at this event as a Canadian Mistress and to have My unique line of Dominantly Delicious chocolates featured in the conference gift baskets as well as in the registration packages. I had the opportunity to facilitate a workshop on the topic of “Domination Done Right : The Building Blocks of Being an Extraordinary Dominant”. The workshop organically became a round table discussion where attendees shared their experiences and questions which I much prefer over speaking to a crowd. I also attended several of the industry only workshops. The most inspiring one focused on kidnapping and interrogation complete with a captivating roleplay demonstration. Yes this will be a service I offer moving forward! The thought of transporting My victim in the trunk of My vehicle to a secure location and holding them captive or interrogating them until I get the information I desire brings goosebumps to all the places that matter. A cattle prod and electric brass knuckles are now on My wish list! Enough said. I’ll let your imagination do the rest.