It is a great honour to be featured on the cover of the most recent edition of Kink Queens Magazine! This is a quality publication featuring some of the top Pro Dommes from around the world. I am often asked how I became a ProDomme. Hopefully I have answered some of your questions in this volume which includes a story I wrote about My journey.

You can purchase an on line or print copy HERE!

Here’s a Fun Little Project I did with Viceland!

“you’re a pain slut. Say it! “I’m a pain slut.” 

I spent an afternoon interviewing two wonderful submissives at Vice Canada. The purpose of this project was to shed some light on the beauty a D/s relationship, or more specifically your relationship with a ProDomme, can bring to your life. The hour long interview was edited to a short clip which I personally found to be quite entertaining. I’m not certain why My animated character is wearing a collar but damn My breasts look great!

I hope you enjoy!  WATCH IT HERE!