Anyone who knows Me, knows that anything I do, I do well. I am passionate about offering the highest standard luxury experience of professional domination. I pay close attention to having quality equipment, implements, clothing, studio maintenance, training, website, photos and self-care. In this industry, like in every other, you get what you pay for!

In order to compensate for the increase of living and in staying with the industry standard as (one of) Toronto’s best ProDomme, I have increased My tribute as of January 1st.  Discount with proof of being a student or on a fixed income (ie CPP, disability) still available. Ask Me about My monthly arrangements.

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I understand that many of you are young and inexperienced and simply don’t have the funds to serve Me in the manner you desire. I am open to hearing about the skills and talents you possess that may benefit Me. Please do not waste My time with half ass or underdeveloped abilities. Do not tell Me you are competent with something if you are not. I am always interviewing for domestic cleaning slaves, prop cocks, subs (male and female) to appear in and assist with photo shoots. I am also seeking a qualified tech slave who is proficient with WordPress and SEO. My time and attention is not guaranteed in exchange for service. Any interaction and play will be at My discretion. Think you could be an asset to My stable? CONTACT ME!



What is a Menage a Quatre Session?

This is an amazing opportunity for all the boys and girls out there who simply cannot get enough!

I am offering kinky menage et quatre sessions with the gorgeous and deviantly creative Mistress Violet Mays. Believe Me, it’s much more fun than a Double Domme session! Can you picture it already?  Both Dommes bring a submissive to a shared scene. you will get the full attention of your Mistress in addition to all of the amazing things that can transpire when there are two Dominants and two submissives playing together. you will only be required to tribute your Dominant for Her time. Double Domme sessions can get pricey so this is a great way to enjoy your kinks and expand your training in a unique way. A two hour booking is the required minimum. The longer we have the further we can explore! This doesn’t need to be a forced bi scene but definitely can be! The possibilities are truly unlimited. I’m getting excited just thinking about it!

Hear what My submissive had to say about his experience.

“This slave was so honoured by You, Lady Azelle, to be permitted to participate in a Menage a Quatre with Mistress Violet Mays and Her slave. i was definitely nervous prior to our session. i had only one previous ProDomme experience before meeting You and the outcome was less than uplifting. You made me feel comfortable with Your pre-session communication. You encouraged this slave to relax some of his hard limits to soft limits. I did so willingly with your reassurance.

i was struck, upon my arrival by Your soothing manner, and of course beauty. As we had not sessioned in quite a while, You took the time before Your guests arrived to re-establish our Dominant/submissive relationship. What followed was an experience that pushed, expanded and respected my limits, while allowing my submission to entertain You and Mistress Violet.

The hanging leather cage was exhilarating and challenging. The addition of the bondage hood heightened the experience especially when my sight was restricted. The punishment You and Mistress Violet handed out to this slave was positively euphoria inducing. When i was permitted, i was privileged to watch two amazing Women dominate another slave’s ass and mouth with a truly beautiful spit roast.

The forced bi experience this slave experienced with Mistress Violet’s slave was one area i have always had worries about, but when serving and pleasing my Lady, it was easy to enjoy, and enjoy I did!

The beatings You both administered to me afterwards was wondrous and i only wish i could have worshipped and massaged Your feet longer at the conclusion of the session.

The entire experience was amazing and has altered my thinking in many areas. It is remarkable what one can accomplish when you fully trust and adore your Dominant.”

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