Canadian Mistress gets Kinky in the Crescent City!

If New Orleans isn’t already on your bucket list, now is the time to add it! The food, the art, the architecture, the history, the culture, the food…… Like any city worth visiting, an evening stroll will feature the fused pungent stench of McDonald’s fires and piss. But in New Orleans this is countervailed by the aroma of chargrilled oysters and incense floating endlessly in the air.

My time in New Orleans was perfectly balanced between being a tourist and participating in all the wonderfully organized events of DomCon 2016. I went on a swamp tour and walking ghost tour in the French quarter, garden district and cemeteries. There were po’ boys, oysters, jambalaya, gumbo, fried chicken, biscuits and grits, beignets and a walk along “Old Man River”. There was also the elegant red carpet social and opening ceremonies of Dom Con at the spectacular Astor Crowne Plaza Hotel, educational workshops, Mistress Dinner, Mistress Tea, ProDomme social, play parties (the equipment and demonstrations made the hotel ballroom the perfect place for kinky play), and perhaps the most fun of all, the hotel parties. If you haven’t attended a fetish conference before, it is an amazing way to learn about BDSM, meet extraordinary people in the industry and lifestyle and of course have tons of kinky fun!

I felt honoured to be on the VIP guest list at this event as a Canadian Mistress and to have My unique line of Dominantly Delicious chocolates featured in the conference gift baskets as well as in the registration packages. I had the opportunity to facilitate a workshop on the topic of “Domination Done Right : The Building Blocks of Being an Extraordinary Dominant”. The workshop organically became a round table discussion where attendees shared their experiences and questions which I much prefer over speaking to a crowd. I also attended several of the industry only workshops. The most inspiring one focused on kidnapping and interrogation complete with a captivating roleplay demonstration. Yes this will be a service I offer moving forward! The thought of transporting My victim in the trunk of My vehicle to a secure location and holding them captive or interrogating them until I get the information I desire brings goosebumps to all the places that matter. A cattle prod and electric brass knuckles are now on My wish list! Enough said. I’ll let your imagination do the rest.