How to Treat a FemDom Properly! 12 Ways to Impress Me!

If anyone understands that boys need guidance from a confident, experienced, direct, intelligent Woman, it’s Me. I’ve decided to list some things you can do to get My attention, make a great first impression and make Me look forward to seeing you again. I hope these suggestions will be educational for the first timers and a good reminder for the BDSM veterans. I’ve even listed them in chronological order for you so we can both enjoy our exchange from our very first contact through to the day after you are dismissed from My presence.

  1. Educate yourself about what a Professional Dominatrix is and is not before contacting Me. I too enjoy an evening date with Divine Bitches and It’s hot. It’s compelling. It’s erotic. However, a session will not re-enact BDSM porn. Not with Me. I am proficient in the art of BDSM. I am trained to keep you safe. I will guide you in exploring your interests and I will push your limits. I will bring you in and out of subspace and offer you a mind blowing opportunity to submit and serve an authentic alpha Goddess. I do not offer sexual services, nudity, or intimate worship. A release is not guaranteed. you will be made to beg and chances are I will deny you. Professional domination is not prostitution.
  2. I appreciate respectful and thorough communication. I am quite fond of the use of appropriate capitalization (lower case when referring to yourself, upper case when referring to Me) as you can see in all of My writings. I respond to all requests forms within 24 hrs because I respect your time and the energy you put into communicating well. I prefer to be called Lady Azelle or my Lady, however an occasional “Goddess” or “Domina” does tickle My fancy. Take your time when completing My session request form. There is space on it to communicate everything I need to know before meeting. There will be time at the beginning of our session for you to ask questions or let Me know about any additional considerations you want to share with Me. A session request form that doesn’t indicate any interests is not helpful and is ultimately a waste of My time.
  3. Confirm your session 24 hours in advance. I will accommodate a same day session if My schedule permits. Chance are it won’t but it never hurts to ask. If you book a session more than 2 weeks in advance I need confirmation a week ahead and then again 24hrs in advance. I require a $200 deposit for all extended sessions (3 hrs or more). There is a $100 cancellation fee for less than 24hrs notice ($200 for extended sessions). Here is an example of a perfect confirmation that I received just this morning: “i wish to confirm that i will be attending to You, Lady Azelle, at Your studio at 1:00 tomorrow. Your submissive will be bringing lunch and a tribute for Your valuable time for which i am truly grateful.”
  4. Arrive on time. Do not arrive early. I will be prepared to be at My best for you and there is a lot a Woman can do in 10 minutes. Do not arrive late. I should not be required to wait around for you. If there is a valid reason you are running behind, communicate that to Me as soon as possible. I will do My best to accommodate some of the time lost should My schedule permit.
  5. Present My tribute with all bills facing the same way preferably in an envelope (if you are paying with cash. I also accept Interac transfers and all major credit cards). you are tributing Me for My time and the privilege of being in My presence. A wad of crumpled up bills pulled from your pocket does not give Me the impression that you feel privileged to be sessioning with Me. I shouldn’t be spending My time sorting through your disorganization. Presenting your tribute while on your knees…. Bonus points for you!
  6. Kiss My feet/shoes/boots as soon as you enter My studio and right before you leave. In My opinion this is the perfect introduction and closure and sets us both in the right mind frame for a stimulating D/s dynamic. Additionally, if your schedule allows, offer Me a foot rub at the end of our session (not at the beginning or half way thorough or you will be spending our entire time together doing so). I will never turn down this offer as long as My timeline for the day permits. A foot rub can be great aftercare for both of us and an opportunity to connect.
  7. If it is within your means, present Me with a small token of your appreciation. I have received an array of gifts: wine, spirits, stockings, sushi, fruit baskets, flowers, gift cards for a restaurant, movies, or theatrical production, boots, leather gloves, wallets, jewellery, fetish clothing, and a pumpkin pie (YUM! My fave!). The list goes on and every thought is appreciated. Gifts in addition to tribute are never expected but they are a great way to spoil Me and ensure we have a memorable exchange.
  8. I expect My boys to be at their best. If you are coming to My studio straight from work or the gym, request a shower before we begin. If we have discussed strap-on play, complete an enema before you arrive or bring one for Me to incorporate into our scene. Deodorant and mouthwash are great; too much cologne is not. I can assure you that I don’t want to smell you all day nor does My next slave. If you shower at the beginning or end of our session, use your towel to wipe up the mess you have most likely made on the floor and put your towel in the laundry basket. My washroom is not your dorm room and I am definitely not your maid. Enjoy a glass of wine at dinner but do not arrive at My studio under the influence of alcohol or other substances. This will interfere with My ability to keep you safe and quite frankly I don’t enjoy spending time with sloppy or slobbery slaves.
  9. Follow My 5 Tips for Submissives Who Want to Experience a Mind Blowing Power Play Exchange.
  10. Understand that the session is Mine. you are not tributing Me for a service but rather for the opportunity to participate in an exchange together. I am not very fond of roleplays (a blog on that is in the works) as much as I am in exploring a genuine D/s dynamic. If you have a preference for latex or leather or PVC, let Me know. I have an extensive collection of fetish clothing (thanks to all you generous boys) and I very much enjoy wearing them. If you have specific preferences for stockings or shoes, I will accept them as gifts and wear them during our scene. If you have a fetish for My toenails to be painted sea foam green or blue or yellow for our session (yes this has been requested and no I am not judging) I will entertain the idea as long as you are paying for that pedicure and the one I will have the next day to bring them back to a colour I consider more palatable.
  11. Send a follow up email/text thanking Me for My time. I always encourage feedback after a session. I’m a big fan of open, honest, respectful communication and want to get to know you so that I can better train and expand you.
  12. Word of mouth is the most effective form of advertising but not very likely in this situation. Chances are you won’t be rejoicing about our astounding session together the next time you go out for a beer with the guys. Want to honour Me while letting other boys know what they’re missing? How about writing a review? Some appropriate options are, TERB or on My Fetlife group.

If you’ve made it to the end of this list, I am already impressed! I appreciate the time you took to read this blog and for making an effort to get to know Me better. you will now be better prepared to please Me if you follow all 12 of My expectations which in the end will make us both happy!

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