you knock on the door three times and wait patiently for Me to answer. you can feel yourself shaking slightly with nerves and excitement, yet the sound of My heels against the hardwood floor as I walk towards you provides a sense of calm. you enter My studio and greet Me. Inspected and commanded to remove your clothing, you kneel before Me. Naked. Helpless. Vulnerable. Exposed. you know in your heart that your head should be bowed. you kiss My feet showing your inferiority. you desperately want to look up at Me, to catch a glimpse of My mesmerizing eyes. My stern yet sensual voice reminds you to look down at My perfectly pedicured toes.

you surrender, putting your mind and body in My hands. you are relaxed and aroused, far away from your hectic life. The only thing you need to focus on now is remaining present, pleasing Me and allowing Me to use you and abuse you in any way I see fit.

I will inspire you to obey, serve and submit. I am a tall, educated Woman who is graceful and confident. Authentic and elegant. Tantalizing and creatively deviant. I have a quick mind, a commitment to excellence and a nurturing spirit. My beauty, strength and commanding presence will bring you to your knees.

I have forever felt a certain power over others. This power defines Me; I have embraced it and you will also. In My presence, we will both know you are something less than I am, and you will happily belong to Me. you will experience a very real sense of purpose, and you will be eager for anything that reinforces the peace that this will bring you.

I have seen the joy in eyes of men for whom their surrender to Me is complete, and it is matched by My own sense of conquest. Some men come to accept My control immediately, and for others the seduction is a slower process… inevitable, but slower. The journey is different depending on your nature and My mood.

you may have to suffer for Me. Real pain opens doors to your mind into which I can easily walk. I am an extremely skilled sadist. The muffled screams of strong, confident men are commonplace in My studio. However, with Me, it is never about the pain itself. It is only when you can truly handle nothing more that you are free to know your place.

Some boys are more sensual in nature. They want to feel My breath as I whisper in their ears. My scent lingers in the air when I am close to them, and they inhale with all their might so that every cell in their body can be nourished by something of My presence. They beg to worship Me. Their lips hunger to taste the leather of my boots. My flesh is their every dream.

My conquest is not the end of our journey but rather the beginning. I want to expand you, make you afraid not of Me, but rather of what you would be willing to do for Me. Tell me your limits. I am certain that you will one day beg Me to take you further than you have ever dreamed.

What Have you Done to Deserve Me?